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Marble and Homogeneous Floor Polishing Services SG


The Effect of Homogeneous Flooring Tiles Grout in Matching Color.

Choosing the flooring tiles grout color is as important as choosing the type of tiles that you like. 

Recently a client came to us and requested us to grind/polish/clean their homogeneous tiles in the hallway and the living room, grout line get dirty over time, they hope we can recover their floor and bring them back to life!

  • Here is the result for Homogeneous Tiles that using the flooring tiles grout with matching color!

    Ta-da! (We will show u in video later.) First of all, you can barely see the grout line right? Also, after polished, you can clearly see your neighbor's building! 

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    Clients are happy with the result!

    Make sure you choose the flooring tiles grout material in matching color.

  • Video shows the effect after we polished the homogeneous tiles and used flooring tiles grout in matching color.

    Here you go!

    The importance of choosing the type of flooring grout and its color.

    Mission accomplished! We provide free visit, if you have any problems regarding your homogeneous tiles flooring, just contact us from the link below, we can visit your place and quote you the best price with the service you can trust!

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