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Marble and Homogeneous Floor Polishing Services SG


Marble Gum Grouting Process and Service in Singapore.

We are strive to provide our clients the best marble gum grouting service at an unbeatable price!

Marble gum grouting and cleaning is a tedious process, you need experience technicians, skills, correct tools, and the suitable machines. You may consider to engage our services, we assure you with best result! 

  • Marble Gum Grouting Process - Part 1

    Get ready to start!

    Be prepared!

    Make sure the type of marble gum is suitable to be used for your tiles.

  • Marble Gum Grouting Process - Part 2

    Marble gum floor grout glue filling.

    Filling the grout line with the marble gum.

    This part looks simple but it is also critical if you done it wrongly!

  • Marble Gum Grouting Process - Part 3

    Floor Grinding, must do it properly.

    Floor Grinding

    This will take some times, is an important process for floor restoration. 

  • Marble Gum Grouting Process - Part 4

    Floor polishing and cleaning.

    Polishing the floor.

    Now your floor is back to life again! Yay!

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